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Dear sailors of the cosmic seas, 

Does the themes of mortality, existentialism and french feminism also bring clusters of stars to your eyes? Well here at cosmic we cannot wait a second longer to introduce to you the fourth edition of Cosmic Kino, which will be in the name of Nouvelle Vague and feminism, showcasing the works of two radical and inspiring female directors. 

Have we sparked your interest? Then we gently ask you to drop your oars into the liquid diamond expanse and let yourself be swept away in the whirlpools of time, to the bustling of bohemian Paris. 

The landmark film “CLÉO DE 5 À 7” is set in the year 1961, where we follow the singer Cleo, as she drifts through the city of love, awaiting the results of a biopsy for cancer. Agnes Varda, goddess of Nouvelle Vague, chronicles the desperate hours in the life of a woman as she visits friends, spends money and tries to sing her worries away. The film is set in real time, it’s various episodes divided by the use of significant tarot cards. The oppressiveness and stereotyping of the woman is depicted through the lines “As long as I’m beautiful I’m alive”, portraying the view of many french women of the time, namely that beauty is essential above all else. 

But this is not all, my atomic stars. From the far away lands of Israel, we are honoured to introduce the director Tom-Lee Ziegelman who will capture our hearts with her short film “18 OVER”. 

"During a night shift in a watchtower two female soldier experience a different kind of war, where words
are the bullets”.
Do we need to say more? We didn’t think so either. 

The important stuff:

19:30: Introduction
20:00: Screening of “18 Over” with Q&A with director Tom-Lee Ziegelman
20:30: Screening of “Cleo de 5 a 7”


[PS: please CONFIRM attendance in advance, the venue is a private place where seats are limited]

Lots of love and light,
Cosmic Productions.

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Later Event: April 11